Lightning Protection & Surge Control Perth

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Protect buildings, critical equipment and occupants from lightning and power surges with professionally installed earth rods and surge protection from Baines Drilling. With routinely maintained specialty equipment and professional lightning protection contractors, our team will visit your location and assess the best way to protect your property. Contact Baines Drilling today on 0419 196 989 to book a consultation.

Through creating an earthing plan and professionally installing earthing rods on your property, Baines Drilling can assist in lightning protection and surge control. When lightning hit your structure, it will preferentially strike the rod and be conducted to ground through a wire.

This reduces the chance of the lightning passing through the structure causing damage to your critical equipment, starting fires and harming occupants. Following the installation of your earthing rod, our qualified in-house electrician will perform tests to ensure all components work as planned.

Baines Drilling have professional inhouse drilling, earthing and lightning protection contractors that will work with you to install advanced lightning protection and surge control in your building. Our lightning protection contractors will work with you to provide:

  • Lightning Protection
  • Earthing
  • Surge Protection
  • Testing & Certification

Prompt Service

Reliable & Safe

Quality work

    Prompt Service

   Reliable & Safe

   Quality Work

Our Specialist Lightning Protection Equipment

Using advanced machinery and equipment, Baines Drilling can provide a cost-effective lighting protection solution for any property. All contractors are licenced and trained to operate safely and efficiently. Come of our surge control and lighting protection equipment includes:

  • 2012 Moorooka Mounted Drilling Rig,
  • 2007 4×4 Hino Mounted Drilling Rig,
  • 2014 4×4 Isuzu Mounted Drilling Rig,
  • 1990 Mitsubishi Bogey Drive Mounted Drilling Rig
  • 2009 Isuzu FXR1000 Support Truck, (7000L Water Tank)
  • 2007 Hino Ranger Pro Support Truck, (5500L Water Tank),
  • 1989 Isuzu 4×4 Water Trucks, (5800L)
  • 2009 Isuzu FXR1000 HIAB Truck, (Altas Copco Air Compressor 850/350)
  • 2007 Hino 5 Ton Tipper Truck, (Site clean-up)
  • 2008 Elgi 1100/350 compressor unit mounted on 2010 Scania 8×8,
  • 2007 Hino Ranger with 2009 Bobcat Excavator 3 Ton,
  • 2008 Toyota Hilux SR5 4×4 utility,
  • 2017 Toyota Hilux SR5 4×4 utility,
  • 2010 S70 Bobcat loader,
  • 2008 Boxer mini excavators, (x 2)
  • 2012 Water Tank Trailer 2200L

Why Engage Us for Lightning Protection Services?

Customer Service

Chat to our friendly team today to book a consultation. We work within your timeframes and budget to provide a cost-effective and efficient outcome.


With over 40 years in the industry, Baines Drilling has worked alongside countless industries to provide efficient and prompt lightning protection services.

Safety First

Following and exceeding industry standards in safety, all contractors at Baines Drilling ensure work is completed in a safe and professional manner.

Prompt Service

Based at Naval Base in Western Australia, our team will be on the road and to your location ASAP. Meet deadlines today with Baines Drilling.

Highly Qualified

All lightning protection contractors are routinely trained in industry best practices and industry standards.

Additional Services from Baines Drilling

To compliment our lightning protection and surge control services, Baines Drilling also specialises in the following areas:


Baines Drilling specialises in efficient and reliable drilling services in Perth and country Western Australia. All drilling is performed by trained contractors with work completed in a safe and professional manner. Speak to our team today to see how we can help you meet timeframes within budget by partnering with Baines Drilling.



With professional drilling and earthing equipment available in Western Australia, Baines Drilling provide safe and prompt earth rod installation services. By using routinely maintained and services machinery, we ensure all earth rod drilling and installation is completed in a cost-effective and efficient way.


Water Boring

Our team of water drilling contractors can provide water boring and installation across Western Australia. This includes water bores for domestic, commercial, construction and rural applications. Save money on your water bill and have an efficient source of water with water boring installation services from Baines Drilling.

Water Boring

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