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Baines Drilling specialises in earth rod drilling and installation for the Perth power network. We are a Western Power accredited earthing contractor and a contractor to many other large organisations. If your project requires earth ground rod drilling and installation, our professional team can take care of your drilling needs. Contact Baines Drilling today and speak to our experienced earth stake drilling team on how we can help you meet your earthing requirements.

Baines Drilling have successfully developed a range of drill rigs specifically designed for the drilling and installation of earthing rods. Through broad field experience, our company understands that these rigs must have the ability to utilised in inaccessible locations and low headroom locations.

The specialist team at Baines Drilling have the equipment to install all components of the in-ground earth stake system to suit the client’s requirements, with either copper or stainless steel earth rod options. We also provide full testing to ensure accurate readings provided by our in-house electrician. Our earth rod drilling and installation service are available for power stations, power poles, substations/transformers and building earthing.

We get in and out of your site quickly, are flexible with your time schedule and ensure that the site is left without damage and well looked after.

With over 40 years of valuable industry experience, we offer a versatile range of services to suit your needs. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project.

We offer a comprehensive range of quality earth stake installation and drilling services including:

  • Earthing Installations and Testing
  • Deep Earth Drilling to 150 metres
  • Earth Resistance Testing
  • Jack Hammer Driven Earth Rods
  • Fall of Potential Testing
  • Hard Rock Drilling
  • Down Hole Hammer (DHH)

Baines Drilling provides all services to high Australian standards, in even the most challenging ground conditions. Our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide superior ground rod drilling and boring results for our clients.

Baines Drilling provides all services to high Australian standards, and no matter the ground conditions, our well-trained team can work through and provide superior drilling and boring services.

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Reliable & Safe

Quality work

    Prompt Service

   Reliable & Safe

   Quality Work

Our Specialist Earth Rod Installation Equipment

To ensure a professional installation of earth rods, Baines Drilling has specialist and well-maintained equipment to complete all drilling requirements. Following installation, the earth rods are inspected for accurate reading by our qualified electricians.

  • 2012 Moorooka Mounted Drilling Rig,
  • 2007 4×4 Hino Mounted Drilling Rig,
  • 2014 4×4 Isuzu Mounted Drilling Rig,
  • 1990 Mitsubishi Bogey Drive Mounted Drilling Rig
  • 2009 Isuzu FXR1000 Support Truck, (7000L Water Tank)
  • 2007 Hino Ranger Pro Support Truck, (5500L Water Tank),
  • 1989 Isuzu 4×4 Water Trucks, (5800L)
  • 2009 Isuzu FXR1000 HIAB Truck, (Altas Copco Air Compressor 850/350)
  • 2007 Hino 5 Ton Tipper Truck, (Site clean-up)
  • 2008 Elgi 1100/350 compressor unit mounted on 2010 Scania 8×8,
  • 2007 Hino Ranger with 2009 Bobcat Excavator 3 Ton,
  • 2008 Toyota Hilux SR5 4×4 utility,
  • 2017 Toyota Hilux SR5 4×4 utility,
  • 2010 S70 Bobcat loader,
  • 2008 Boxer mini excavators, (x 2)
  • 2012 Water Tank Trailer 2200L

Benefits of Earth Rod Installation from Baines Drilling

Customer Service

Baines Drilling endeavour to keep all communication open and discuss projects and plans in detail with clients.


Baines Drilling has been operating for 40+ years. Our experience reflects in our attention to detail and stringent service standards.

Safety First

Our team follow Australian and industry standards when providing our services. Ongoing safety exercises and training is provided to our contracting team.

Prompt Service

Meeting deadlines and providing a prompt reply to all communication. Speak to us today to learn more about Baines Drilling.

Highly Qualified

Our team of drilling contractors have met stringent requirements put in place by Baines Drilling and follow industry guidelines and standards.

Additional Services from Baines Drilling

To complement our earth stake rod drilling and testing services, Baines Drilling also specialises in the following areas.


With over 40+ years’ experience, Baines Drilling provides drilling services to Perth clients, no matter the ground conditions. With routinely maintained specialty equipment, our drilling contractors provide a prompt and reliable service which meets all Australian and industry standards. We can drill holes and install earth rods in sand, clay, rock and granite.


Water Boring

Water bores are a great long-term investment for all property owners, whether commercial or residential, saving you money on future water bills. Speak to the friendly Baines Drilling team today to organise professional drilling, installation and testing of your new water bore system.

Water Boring

Lightning Protection

Professional earthing rod installation will assist in protecting your property, assets, machinery and occupants from power surges and lightning. Contact Baines Drilling today for professional earth rod testing carried out by our specialised in-house electricians.

Lightning Protection

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